Using renewable energy resources, incuding solar energy, is one of the best ways to deal with environmental pollution caused by fossil fuel power stations. Today, using sunlight energy, which is available for free, is considered as one of the most efficient ways to produce electricity as it does not result in any pollution and does not require consuming water at all. Therefore, solar power has moved to the center stage in the electric power industry in many countries in the past few decades.

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Solar Afshan Mamahan Company offers consulting, design, installation, and after-sales services for solar parks.

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Solar Afshan Mamahan Company

Due to the high potential of sunlight energy absorption in Iran, the Solar Afshan Mamahan Company is currently concentrating on the implementation of solar power plants. Since solar power plants do not need fuel, their electricity can be sustained for a long time.

        Azam Ranae,

           Manager of Solar Afshan Mamahan Company

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azam ranaeManager of Solar Afshan Mamahan Company